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Thor: Ragnarok First Trailer Breakdown

When the first Thor movie was released in 2011, I was skeptical on how Marvel would pull it off.  For one, Thor’s helmet has wings… and while it looks great on a comic page, I just could not imagine a way that it would look good on the screen.  I was also unsure of how Asgard would come across with its golden buildings and rainbow bridge.  As it turns out, my skepticism was unfounded because it looked stunning and the helmet was almost non-existent.  The original Thor movie turned out to be one of my favorite movies that summer.  Now it is almost time for the third Thor stand-alone movie and it looks great!

Thor: Ragnarok appears to be about an all-out assault on Asgard by Hela, played by Cate Blanchett.  In the comics, Hela is appointed as a goddess by Odin to rule over the northernmost realms of the dead of Asgard.  It appears that Hela wants to completely destroy Asgard for some unknown reason, but more importantly, we see her catch Thor’s hammer and destroy it.  This seems to lead to Thor’s capture where he must do battle against the the Hulk in an arena presided over by the Grandmaster, played by Jeff Goldblum.  (I should also note that the Grandmaster is the brother of the Collector in Guardians of the Galaxy.)  Loki makes an appearance in the trailer as well although we don’t know on which side of the battle he lies this time around because we see him sitting next to the Grandmaster during Thor’s battle also.  The trailer is perfectly set to Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song throughout and appears to up the ante on the action scenes once again.  The movie is set to open on November 3rd, and you can bet we will be there!  If you haven’t watched it, check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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