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The Top 3 Reasons to See Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Perhaps you are on the fence. Perhaps you don’t want to ruin the original because you fear the sequel always lets you down. Perhaps you were waiting for an obscure blog to write a nice, tidy list of super-convincing reasons to hand over your hard-earned money for admission. Well, you are in luck, because the third one just totally happened…

1. MARVEL – I mean, if you’re visiting a page called Obsessive Nerds, it’s probably a relatively safe bet you like superhero movies – specifically, Marvel superhero movies. For us, Guardians rivals the best content put out by the best studio. GoTG2 is isn’t a cash-grab sequel; it’s 2-plus hours of solid entertainment.

2. MUSIC – Oh my God, the music. The original score reached unparalleled success for a movie soundtrack, becoming the first ever to reach #1 comprised entirely of pre-existing music. “Awesome Mix Vol. 2” features an equally impressive array of classics, and they are deployed with surgical precision. The lesson here – Meredith Quill’s music collection is way cooler than what’s currently residing on your iPhone (or Zune).

3. DRAX – To be fair, this really should just say “cast”, but since this is my article, I’m giving headlining privileges to everyone’s favorite blunt, blue meathead. The original crew from GoTG rekindled the magic of the first installment, and the new additions were just that – additions rather than detractions. I’m also required by law (I think) to mention Baby Groot. I had my reservations over whether or not this would work, but let me assure you…the scene with Groot, Yondu & Rocket kills. Speaking of Groot, this has to be the single greatest acting gig in the history of film – you only have three words to repeat yet you are an integral character in a beloved worldwide success of a film franchise. Well done, Vin Diesel.


Do yourself a favor and see Vol. 2 while it’s on the big screen. If it doesn’t best the original, it comes mighty close. You will not leave disappointed…except for that $20 you dropped on a small 4-liter of Coke. Nothing I can do about that one. Sorry.

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