The Blue Album Turns 23

On May 10th 23 years ago, Weezer entered our lives in the most Weezer way possible by dropping their first (and best) album; affectionately known as The Blue Album. Hold on, let me give the people screaming about Pinkerton time to catch their breath…

…ok we’re back. The Blue Album will always remain a timeless classic for those who grew up on its punchy sounds in the mid-90’s. It accomplished what so many albums fail to do – release a solid repertoire of songs from start to finish. When you popped this CD in, there was no skipping tracks involved as there is not a single dud in the bunch. From the opening riff of My Name is Jonas all the way through the melancholy Only in Dreams, Weezer’s debut album provides over 41 minutes of audio bliss.

Thank you Rivers and crew (and Ric Ocasek) for providing the soundtrack for a sizable portion of my adolescence (and adulthood), and Happy Birthday to The Blue Album.

Relive the brilliance of The Blue Album here: Say It Ain’t So.  Or if for some reason you have never heard it, go to Amazon right now and buy it.


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