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Star Wars: Episode IX Script Had to Be Scrapped After Carrie Fisher’s Death

After Carrie Fisher’s death, I think we all wondered how prominently she would have been featured in the story for Episode IX.  A new /Film article leads us to believe that she would have been a major part of the story in the last film of the new trilogy.  According to her brother, the family had given permission to Lucasfilm and Disney to use previously recorded footage of Fisher in the Episode IX.  However after careful consideration, the production team decided to scrap the current script and start over.  We are not sure the reasons why they felt it couldn’t work, but perhaps her work on Episode VIII leaves the options open for her story to be completed off camera.  Her work on The Last Jedi had been completed and Kathleen Kennedy has stated that the movie will not be altered after the fact, so they must have felt a shift in direction could be accomplished with the Episode IX script.  The story of The Last Jedi is still unknown, but we hope that Leia’s story will be brought to what feels like a natural completion.

Source: /Film – ‘Star Wars: Episode 9’ ‘Started Over’ After Carrie Fisher’s Death


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