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Star Wars Battlefront II – More Campaign Details Announced

We are eagerly awaiting the release of Star Wars Battlefront II, and we are especially excited to try out the new single player campaign mode that will be included.  We already know that the campaign will take place immediately after the battle on Endor, but EA has now given us a few more details to wet our appetites.

The campaign puts us in the Inferno Squad, which is an elite special forces unit with the Empire.  Trained as elite commandos and straighter pilots, the Inferno Squad is committed to maintaining the rule of law in the galaxy.  They stealthily strike unsuspecting rebel targets and fade back into the dark vastness of space.  We journey with them through the Empire’s final hours as they navigate the galaxy in an Imperial Raider class ship called the Corvus.

It will be interesting to see how the story concludes.  Will it be an ending battle that cannot be won, or will they achieve their goals only to learn the Empire has been dissolved?  Will they see the error of their ways and join the Rebels?  Whatever happens, we will be ready to jump into the battle on November 13th!

You can preorder Star Wars Battlefront II from both Amazon and Gamestop to receive some great Day One benefits that include playable characters from The Last Jedi.  Here are the preorder links:



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