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Spider-Man: Homecoming – Marvel Wins

Marvel brings home a win with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Peter Parker is portrayed exactly how you picture him in the comics and Michael Keaton excels as Vulture.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is not your normal superhero movie.  Marvel brought their signature character home with a story that focuses more on character than super human feats.  That is not to say that there is not plenty of action, because there is, but this is a story about a young man trying to find his place in the world.  Peter Parker struggles with finding his place among his classmates and with trying to gain the approval of newly found mentor, Tony Stark.

Tom Holland plays the part of Peter Parker with a believable teenage innocence.  Peter spends his school days watching the clock, anxiously waiting for school to let out so he can perform enough good deeds to catch Tony Stark’s attention.  He has been seemingly ignored since the Civil War battle in Germany, and desperately wants to join the Avengers on another mission.  He increasingly takes risks in thwarting the city’s evildoers with the hopes of tipping the scales in his direction, and of course, he always reports his adventures to Happy Hogan.  What makes this story great though, is that superhero antics seem to be the backdrop to a coming of age story.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Michael Keaton plays Adrian Toomes (The Vulture) with a gritty realism.  Toomes is a working class man who sees his business upended when the government puts an end to his contract for the clean-up of alien debris left in New York as a result of the Avengers battle.  His finances were strained with new equipment purchases for the project, and this takeover ruined him.  However, thanks to a forgotten piece of alien technology and Phineas Mason (The Tinkerer), they soon created a black market for weapons of their own creation that brings an end to Toomes hardships.

Spider-Man: Homecoming
Hollywood, CA – December 8,2016 Tom Holland and an army of Spider-Men invade Hollywood to debut the Columbia Pictures’ SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING trailer.
Spider-Man: Homecoming is the movie that the web crawler has always deserved.  Its focus on Peter Parker as a teenager more than a superhero gives it a charm that makes it one of the more unique movies of the MCU.  Do yourself a favor and go see it before it leaves theaters because those web shots really look great in 3D.

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