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Get Some Cool Wonder Woman Swag!

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet?  If you have, you are probably still feeling the buzz from seeing Princess Diana in action.   What better way to remember the experience than by getting some of the cool Wonder Woman collectibles and gear available?  If you haven’t seen it yet, how about picking up a few wearables to sport while you’re glued to the screen?  To help you out, we have searched around and found a few cool items that we think you might like.

Funko Pop! Wonder Woman Figures

Ok, so you can’t really wear this one to the movie, but you can take them along so you’re new friends can enjoy the show right along with you.  The choices include Princess Diana, Queen Hippolyta, or Steve Trevor.

Wonder Woman Slip-On Sneakers

Maybe dolls aren’t your thing and you want to show off your Wonder Woman pride.  If so, you could grab these awesome black and white slip-on sneakers.  Wear them as they are or color them yourself!

Caged Back Sports Bra

Perhaps you’re not ready to show your true identity yet, but you still want to be in league with the Amazons.  Consider going incognito by wearing this cool Wonder Woman sports bra.

Soup Mugs

If you want something you can use everyday to show your allegiance, try these great soup mugs.  These 24 ounce mugs will hold plenty of liquids to enhance your superpowers.

Wonder Woman Action Figures

We have two options for Diana action figures.  The first is a battle-ready action figure from Mattel complete with headband and the Lasso of Truth.

The second is the official Barbie version of Diana and it includes her headband, boots, armored bracelets, Lasso of Truth, sword, shield, and black cape.

There are plenty of awesome items out there, so if these don’t really float your boat, see the links below where you can find lots of wearables, collectibles, accessories, and plenty of other cool stuff.

What’s your favorite way to show your pride?  Comment below or use the hashtags #obseesivenerds #nerdalert on social media and we’ll give you a shout out!

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