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First Trailer for the New Star Trek Discovery Series!

The first look trailer for CBS’ new series Star Trek Discovery has finally been released, and it looks very promising!  The series will be aired on CBS All Access and Netflix and is set 10 years before Kirk and Spock take the helm of the Enterprise as it follows the journey of Discovery crew.  The first season will feature 15 episodes and a companion after series.  Watch the new trailer and check out our summary below.

The trailer starts off with Sonequa Martin-Green and Michelle Yeoh walking through the desert as Sonequa’s character, Michael Burnham, is told she is ready for her own command.  Once they are back on the ship, they are investigating an unknown object on the edge of Federation space and run into some very aggressive Klingons (are there any other kind?)  We also see a Vulcan speaking to a younger Vulcan boy saying that his tongue his too human to learn the Vulcan language.  I am assuming this is a young Spock, which will be interesting to see how much he plays into this story or if it is just a token appearance.  The crew then appears to get into a larger conflict with the Klingons, and that is really all we know for now.  It is unclear if this is a series long conflict or just an arc, but I suspect there will be a death that will lead to Burnham’s command of the Discovery.

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