Fear the Walking Dead Returns – Part 1

Fear the Walking Dead returned for Season 3 this week with a 2-part premiere.  The sister show of The Walking Dead has given us a different look at the walker disease as we see how the beginning of the phenomenon took place.  Our group has traveled from Los Angeles to Mexico and now back to the US as they have tried to survive and find a safe haven away from the walkers.  Season 3 continues right where we left off as the group crossed the Mexican Border back into the US.  Just a word of warning… if you haven’t seen the episode yet, there will be major spoilers below!

Alicia and Nick

If you recall at the end of last season, as soon as they crossed the border they were met by a military force who opened fire on them and injured Luciana.  We weren’t told who they were, but I assume they were remnants of either the US military or a militia group.  Season 3 begins with our group being forcefully led through a field of dead with severed heads and body parts lying everywhere.  They are split up as Madison and Alicia are taken away in a truck to what appears to be a massive compound, and Travis is led into a room where people are being shot in the head while soldiers label them with numbers on their foreheads.  He is marked with a number and is led to a cell with several other people where he finds Nick and the wounded Luciana.

The compound appears to be running some kind of experiments by killing the prisoners and logging how long it takes them to turn.  Travis, Nick, and Luciana are led to the killing room floor where they witness several other prisoners being shot and turning.  Meanwhile, Madison and Alicia are locked in an office by themselves where they are treated well and are told they will be released after they are processed.  Travis, Nick, and Luciana eventually escape the room with the help of stranger.  As Nick attempts to get Luciana to safety through a tunnel with the help of the stranger, Travis tries to track down Madison and Alicia.  As Nick and Luciana enter the tunnel, the stranger who helped them is shot and thrown into the tunnel to “hunt” them once he dies.  Nick and Luciana’s escape ends up being blocked by a horde of walkers so they must turn around and head back toward the compound.

Madison and Alicia eventually escape the room with the help of a painful looking, prolonged spoon to the eye of the leader.  Travis ends up getting caught while searching for them and is forced to fight off a horde of walkers in a pit.  Madison, still holding a spoon in the leaders eye, is demanding to see Travis when his brother convinces her to let him go by promising to protect them.  The brother must hold some position of power because all of the soldiers back down and allow the family to be reunited.  As everyone, including the soldiers, are making their exit, the horde that was chasing Nick and Luciana break through a wall, killing a soldier in brutal fashion, and invade the base.  The group is once again split up as part of the group escapes in a helicopter and the other part escapes in a truck.  They are heading toward another compound that is ran by the brothers’ dad.  It is promised to be safe and well supplied.

The season premiere of Fear the Walking Dead was full of action and gruesome walker killings.  It was much more fast-paced than most of the episodes of the series have been so far.  I’m hoping the rest of the season follows suit and can give us some more insight on how the other half of the country is handling the apocalypse.

What did you think about part 1 of the Fear the Walking Dead season premiere?


Photos courtesy of AMC.

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