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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Nerds!

Father’s Day is quickly coming upon us so we thought we would show you some cool gift ideas for the nerdy dad in your life, or if you are the nerdy dad, here are some ideas that you can discreetly send to the little ones so you can be sure to get what you want on June 18th!

Joker Never-Ending Father’s Day Card with Glitter

We all know that the perfect Father’s Day card is a must to get those mushy feelings out in front of that special dad, but we also know that all dads love fart jokes, right?  Even if you’re not sure, why not find out with a Father’s Day card that plays fart sounds for a solid three hours?  They can try to stop it by pressing the button again, but the farts will only get louder.  They can try to submerge it in water, but guess what it? It’s waterproof.  The only way to stop the sound is to wait for the battery to die or destroy it, but if they destroy it, glitter will spew everywhere!  Check it out for yourself below.
Joker Never-Ending Father's Day Card with Glitter

Coffee & Donuts DIY Coloring Book Tie

Is your dad the artistic type?  If so, he will love this Coffee & Donuts DIY Coloring Book Tie.  This tie is a blank white linen tie with outlines of playful coffee and donuts figures that he can color with his favorite permanent markers.
Coffee & Donuts DIY Coloring Book Tie

Darth Vader Self Stirring Mug

Of course the coolest dads are Star Wars fans, and that’s why we think your dad would love this Darth Vader Self Stirring Mug. This stainless steel mug stirs any hot or cold beverage with the press of a button (although we all really know it is really your mastery of the force that is making this happen!).
Star Wars Darth Vader Self-Stirring Mug

Fandango Movie Tickets

When you just can’t find that perfect gift for dad, you cannot go wrong with buying him movie tickets for one of the many cool movies coming out this summer. Below are links to a few movies we are looking forward to, and if you just can’t decide, we have also provided a link for a Fandango gift card.

Fandango - Wonder Woman Ticketing GWP

Fandango - Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales GWP

Fandango - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Gift Card Banners

Give the gift of movies

We hope this makes your Father’s Day shopping a little easier, but if you still need more ideas, you always visit the Obsessive Nerds Amazon Store, or you can find plenty of cool ideas by clicking on the banners below!

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