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A Day in the Life of a Nerd Wife: The Ears

A bandaid.  I just needed a bandaid.

This shouldn’t make the Nightly News and is not a special occurrence in a house with two kids, although finding where the Bandaid box was last placed is always a fun game. I look where they *should* be to no avail, so I start searching through drawers.  Top drawer; no luck.  Second drawer; nope, not there.  Third drawer…AAAGGGHHH!!  I almost fall backwards screaming.  There are EARS IN THE DRAWER!  Not one or even one pair, but several. WHY?  Why are there ears in the drawer?! 

I take a deep breath.  So many things run through my mind in the span of a couple of seconds.  Who is cutting off human ears and storing them in our bathroom drawer?  Why is there no blood?  Why are they all identical perfectly shaped ears?  How is this happening in my house and I don’t know about it?  Is this why our 7 year old won’t use the downstairs bathroom but she’s too afraid to tell us?  In the moment I didn’t notice or question the rope attaching them together like a necklace.  This would have made it even more creepy.  They looked 100% completely real and it took me a second to calm down and let my brain take over.  It turns out, these weren’t just any ears… they were The Walking Dead Soap-on-a-Rope ears from my Nerd’s last Lootcrate.  

Daryl and his ears.
Daryl – The Walking Dead

Thankfully no member of my family has a weird ear obsession.  No one is cutting human ears off and storing them in our bathroom.  This is just another case of finding one of my Nerd’s toys laying around, which, like looking for a bandaid, is not a special occurrence in our house.  Now every time I open that third drawer, I think of ears.

Just another day in the life of a Nerd Wife!

Has something like this happened to you?  Comment below and let me know that I’m not alone!

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