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GOTG Vol. 2: Who is Ego?

The obscurity of the Guardians of the Galaxy universe is one of things that makes it most appealing.  While many people are familiar with the most popular characters of the Marvel universe, the Guardians have been hidden from the spotlight, laying in the back of dusty comic book bins for many years .  This leaves most of us in the dark as to who many of the players in the series are and what their role is.  Lets take a look at Ego who hasn’t appeared in a Guardians comic before, and is one of the new characters appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 this weekend.  Warning… while we have not seen the film yet, the rest of the article has the possibility to contain minor spoilers as it pertains to Ego’s backstory, so if you want to be completely in the dark before the film, you should stop reading now.

Still here?  Ok… Even though Ego has not appeared in the Guardians comic franchise, it has appeared in several other Marvel comics.  Ego developed as a mass within the Black Galaxy that evolved differently than the other organisms in the universe.  As Ego evolved over millions of years, it grew to the size of a planet and as it developed, it gained intelligence and consciousness.  It gained the ability to move about as pleased and even developed organ masses underneath its surface.  In its earlier days of consciousness, Ego had a battle with Thor in which it did not win but it eventually teamed up with Thor in another battle to fight Galactus.  It has also fought against the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer on separate occasions, and it even assaulted Thanos.  Ego’s last appearance was with the Xandarians.  This encounter ended with Ego fleeing after a successful Nova Corps assault on the living planet.

We have a lot of questions as to Ego’s role in GOTG Vol. 2?  How did Ego shift from his planet form to become Star-Lord’s father?  Why was he near earth?  Will he be joining forces with son’s ragtag band of heroes or will he be the villain?  What happened to J’Son?  We can’t wait to see how the story unfolds, but with Kurt Russell taking control of the living planet’s persona, Ego is sure to be a memorable character.

Let us know what you think Ego’s role in the film will be…

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